Please note that although I may write about Dyslexia, Montessori Education, teaching, and parenting, I am not an expert in these fields.  I am simply a mother.  Through trial and error, I have settled on things that are working for my kiddos and our situation.  I do hope that my work may help save others both time and money but I can not say for sure that what has worked for mine will work for yours.  

Even so, I would like to mention that I do have a masters degree in Social Work.  Several years ago, while my boys were in preschool, I participated in a Montessori Assistant Teacher Training program.  I also participated in Linda Mood-Bell's Seeing Stars and Verbalizing/Visualizing Programs.  In addition, I am familiar with Linda Mood-Bell's Lips program.  In terms of specific learning around Dyslexia, I participated in Susan Barton's six day training program and have studied a fair amount of Orton-Gillingham's work around dyslexia.  Finally, I was also lucky enough to participate in a parenting program called Redirecting Children's Behavior.  

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