I created this blog to share my story. My history. I believe that the path to wholeness is through authenticity. To share the good but also the challenges. I have said to whomever will listen, that what I want to see is the posts on social media of the piles of unwashed and unfolded laundry. The piles of dirty dishes. The pics of messy homes. But what we share with each other are the beautiful meals we prepared or the fabulous vacations we took.

What about the many more days where we dumped a frozen dish on a baking sheet and slide it into the oven while we shared a moment with ourselves or a family member. Better yet, the days we pick up a meal from the local fast food with our head hung low in guilt. How about sharing those days? Those moments. To have an open heart despite the mess. Despite the yelling or the noise or the less then perfect meal. The less then perfect reality.

The mess is where I want to live. This is my reality. The mess is where the work is. Where the learning happens. This is what I hope to share. My mess. Because I believe that when we can be truly vulnerable with each other, we can create space for realness. For a sweetness and love of self and love of others.


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